Online Resources

WAC Clearinghouse

Colorado State University's WAC Clearinghouse publishes journals, books, and other resources for teachers who use writing in their courses. This page provides links to about WAC frequently asked questions and includes an extensive bibliography of WAC research in a wide range of disciplines.

Writing Across the Curriculum Listserv (WAC-L)

The Center maintains an international listserv, WAC-L, devoted to issues in writing across the curriculum and cross-curricular writing. You can subscribe to the listserv here.

WAC @ Illinois Blog Archive

Exploring topics that may be of interest to anyone who works with students and their writing, this monthly CWS blog is a place to converse about the teaching and learning of writing across campus, discuss cutting-edge research on writing in the disciplines, and provide guidance and resources to Illinois instructors. Although we no longer update this blog, we maintain a link to it because it continues to be a helpful resource.